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Charting the night sky with exascale computers

Creating multiple universes to see how they run might be tempting to scientists, but it's obviously not possible. That is, as long as you need physical universes. If you can make do with virtual ones, there are far more options.

Online gaming is bringing RAF families closer

Modern methods of internet-based communication such as online gaming and video calls are helping RAF servicepeople stay connected to their families when serving away from home—but challenges still remain, according to new ...

Advertising drives online gambling among young Australians

Gambling features such as loot boxes in video games and sports betting are the most popular forms of online gambling among young adults in the ACT, with many introduced to it before the age of 18, according to a new report ...

How AI can help map sign languages

Like spoken languages, sign languages evolve organically and do not always have the same origin. This produces different ways of communication and annotation. This is the subject of Manolis Fragkiadakis's Ph.D. thesis.