The impressive aerial maneuvers of the pea aphid

You might not think much about pea aphids, but it turns out they've got skills enough to get aerospace engineers excited. A report in the February 4th issue of Current Biology shows that the insects can free fall from the ...

Fully automated football analysis (w/ Video)

(—Using entirely new electronic solutions, soccer (also known as football in many European countries) coaches can provide their players with video analysis as early as half-time or immediately following a match.

Mistletoe hugs, kisses spotted by computer (w/ Video)

( -- Hugs and kisses exchanged under the mistletoe are among the human interactions which can now be automatically recognized by computers from video footage, thanks to new research.

Flying snakes, caught on tape (w/ Video)

( -- New video analysis and mathematical modeling by engineers at Virginia Tech reveals how certain types of snakes can "fly" by flinging themselves off their perches, flattening their bodies, and sailing from ...

Zooming in to catch the bad guys

It's a frequent scene in television crime dramas: Clever police technicians zoom in on a security camera video to read a license plate or capture the face of a hold-up artist. But in real life, enhancing this low-quality ...

Why do sharks dive?

Is it to regulate their body temperature? Conserve energy? Find food?

A fatigue detection device to help keep your eyes on the road

An EPFL student has developed a video analysis algorithm able to estimate the level of a driver's fatigue based on the degree of eyelid closure. PSA Peugeot Citroën, a project partner, has built a prototype in order to test ...

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