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New facility to simulate conditions on Venus

The German Space Agency (DLR) has opened a new simulation facility at its Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory (PSL) in Berlin. The facility could help researchers better understand the surface of Venus hidden behind the planet's ...

dateAug 02, 2018 in Space Exploration
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How the waterwheel plant snaps

The midrib of the leaf (which has been transformed into a snap trap) bends slightly downwards in a flash, the trap halves fold in, and the water flea can no longer escape – as part of an interdisciplinary team Anna Westermeier, ...

dateMay 15, 2018 in Plants & Animals
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Image: Cloudy Venus

Our sister planet Venus is a dynamic and unusual place. Strong winds swirl around the planet, dragging thick layers of cloud with them as they go. These fierce winds move so speedily that they display 'super-rotation': Earth's ...

dateApr 09, 2018 in Space Exploration
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