Debunking another myth surrounding low-income housing tax credits

A new study from Georgia Tech's School of Public Policy debunks a common belief about the impact of affordable housing on neighborhood property values. The researchers, led by Assistant Professor Brian Y. An, found that developments ...

How to help forests fight climate change: Report

Forests across the United States are major contributors to the fight against climate change, annually removing damaging excess carbon from the atmosphere equivalent to approximately 13 percent of overall U.S. greenhouse gas ...

A roadmap for entrepreneurship policy in rural Texas

In a new study published in PLOS One, a University of Texas at Arlington political scientist and UT System colleagues identified the factors that predict business creation in rural Texas.

Saving moths may be just as important as saving the bees

Night-time pollinators such as moths may visit just as many plants as bees, and should also be the focus of conservation and protection efforts, a new study from the University of Sheffield suggests.

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