Multiple UAVs perform autonomous formation flight (w/ Video)

( —These days, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) typically fly alone with a team of ground operators controlling their activities through teleoperation or waypoint-based routing. But one aircraft can only carry so ...

Taking human-technology interaction to the next level

( —Modern military defense planning is already heavily focused on how to gain strategic advantage through brainpower. Another significant step in that direction could result from an Arizona State University engineer's ...

Drones delivering pizza? Not such a far-fetched idea

If someday soon it's possible to have a hot pizza delivered to your door by a drone, it may be because of work now underway on the remote and sandy shores of the Texas Gulf Coast.

Agriculture the most promising market for drones

Idaho farmer Robert Blair isn't waiting around for federal aviation officials to work out rules for drones. He and a friend built their own, outfitting it with cameras and using it to monitor his 1,500 acres (600 hectares).

Commercial use of drones has already taken flight

The camera swoops over the green expanse of the Everglades hundreds of feet below, like many helicopter shots you've seen on television. But suddenly it dips and flies through a narrow, shaded canal where kayakers are paddling, ...

Titan Aerospace readies solar-powered, long-endurance UAVs

( —A New Mexico company, Titan Aerospace, founded in 2012, is taking a serious step in launching unmanned aircraft that can function as satellites but at far less cost. Making news earlier this month at the Association ...

Review: Phantom quadcopter a fun consumer drone

Unmanned aircraft, also known as drones, are revolutionizing warfare. Now, some of that technology is coming home from the war, to amuse us and give us an aerial perspective on our surroundings.

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