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High-throughput terahertz imaging: Progress and challenges

Lying between the infrared and millimeter wave regimes, terahertz waves possess many unique properties, prompting numerous compelling imaging applications, such as non-destructive testing, security screening, biomedical diagnosis, ...

Unraveling the mysteries of glassy liquids

Glass, despite its apparent transparency and rigidity, is a complex and intriguing material. When a liquid is cooled to form a glass, its dynamics slows down significantly, resulting in its unique properties.

Physicists solve mysteries of microtubule movers

Active matter is any collection of materials or systems composed of individual units that can move on their own, thanks to self-propulsion or autonomous motion. They can be of any size—think clouds of bacteria in a petri ...

Are Weyl fermions truly massless?

The behavior of electrons' mass within a solid has a significant impact on the flow of electronic and heat energy. Weyl semimetals have emerged as a fascinating class of materials with unique properties. Physical and chemical ...

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