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How COVID-19 has changed the global economy

The worldwide economic landscape has changed dramatically over the past four months, as the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled activity in nearly every corner of the world.

Pandemic making Canada's economic future uncertain

Even though Canada lost more than a million jobs in March—enough to produce an unprecedented one-month jump in the unemployment rate from 5.6 percent in February to 7.8 percent—the months that follow may prove even more ...

Individuals find polls that favor their candidates more credible

As the 2020 U.S. presidential election approaches, the public will be barraged with opinion polls seeking to assess attitudes toward the candidates and on leading campaign issues. Of concern to researchers is how partisan ...

Trump's protectionism raises unemployment: study

The protectionist policy of US President Donald Trump is criticized on all sides around the world, but seems to suit the Americans, who see this economic model as protecting their interests. Could they be wrong? A study by ...

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