Testing an undersea robot that can detect and map oil spills

In late September 2018, MBARI engineers demonstrated a new use for MBARI's long-range autonomous underwater vehicles (LRAUVs)—detecting and tracking oil spills. Working with the US Coast Guard and collaborators at Woods ...

Understanding deep-sea images with artificial intelligence

The evaluation of very large amounts of data is becoming increasingly relevant in ocean research. Diving robots or autonomous underwater vehicles that carry out measurements independently in the deep sea can now record large ...

A clearer future for underwater exploration

A new system that simultaneously transmits ultrahigh-definition live video and receives feedback signals offers greatly improved underwater optical communications.

Boaty McBoatface returns from first mission under the ice

The yellow high-tech autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), affectionately known as Boaty McBoatface, has successfully returned from an ambitious science expedition deep below half a kilometre of ice.

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