Submarine volcanoes add to ocean soundscape

Most volcanoes erupt beneath the ocean, but scientists know little about them compared to what they know about volcanoes that eject their lava on dry land. Gabrielle Tepp of the Alaska Volcano Observatory and the U.S. Geological ...

World's 10 most dangerous volcanoes identified

Volcano enthusiasts have enlisted the help of a University of Manchester academic to come up with a list of the top ten most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

Nannofossils from El Hierro place the Canaries closer to Hawaii

Pieces of sediment from the Cretaceous period encased in lava floated to the surface with the underwater eruption of El Hierro in 2011, bringing scientists valuable data on the islands' ocean floor. The analysis of the materials ...

Volcano's legacy still washing up on beaches

Pieces of pumice from the same volcanic eruption that caused the largest pumice raft seen in 50 years have continued to wash up on Queensland shores this week.

Team observes rapid change in underwater volcano Monowai

( -- A research team out to perform routine mapping of the seafloor some 400 kilometers southwest of Tonga, found that one volcano, named Monowai, changed dramatically over just a two week time span. In an apparent ...

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