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How cell processes round up and dump damaged proteins

In a new paper with results that senior author Eric Strieter at the University of Massachusetts Amherst calls "incredibly surprising," he and his chemistry lab group report that they have discovered how an enzyme known as ...

How cellular machinery labels proteins for degradation

Proteins are molecular work horses in the cell that perform specific tasks, but it is essential that the timing of protein activities is exquisitely controlled. When proteins have fulfilled their tasks, their degradation ...

Researchers discover molecular light switch in photoreceptor cells

How our eyes detect and respond to changes in light intensity is determined by specialized cells in the eye called photoreceptors. In addition to converting light into electrical signals, effectively allowing us to see, rod-shaped ...

Dundee lab solves HOIL-1 mystery

The mysterious function of a key protein has been revealed following a breakthrough by University of Dundee scientists.

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