With only the pawprints, researchers study elusive bobcat

One Sunday morning in February of 2021, Dave Duffy's kids told him they had just seen a bobcat through the window of their home near the University of Florida's Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience outside St. Augustine, ...

Egyptian lagoon vital to Cyprus turtles, study shows

The number of green turtles breeding in Cyprus has risen in recent years—but this bounce-back depends heavily on an Egyptian lagoon where many turtles feed, new research shows.

Turtles in demand as pets, leading to a spike in poaching

Swimming in two plastic bins inside a brightly lit and sterile quarantine room at a Rhode Island zoo, 16 quarter-sized turtle hatchlings represent a growing worry for conservationist Lou Perrotti.

Building new sea turtle populations in a biodiversity crisis

Biodiversity loss has accelerated over the last decade, driven by the impact of global warming, alteration of habitats and the dispersal of invasive exotic species due to human action. The reintroduction of captive-bred animals ...

Half-century of protection pays off for sea turtles

Green turtle numbers continue to rise on a group of islands where the species has now been protected for more than 50 years, new research shows. Turtles were hunted at Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles until a ban in 1968.

Saving native turtles one hatchling at a time

Murdoch University researchers have welcomed a baby turtle into the world this week as part of an important incubation research project aiming to save the iconic Southwestern snake-necked turtles at Bibra Lake from dwindling ...

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