Explaining electric fields in sandstorms

A complex weather phenomenon that has puzzled researchers since the nineteenthcentury can now be accurately modeled using a computer simulation framework developed at KAUST.

Fast reconnection in turbulent media

Solar flares, similar to many other astrophysical energetic processes, are related to magnetic reconnection. During these events magnetic energy is transferred from other forms of energy, mostly heat and energetic particles. ...

Fast-flowing electrons may mimic astrophysical dynamos

A powerful engine roils deep beneath our feet, converting energy in the Earth's core into magnetic fields that shield us from the solar wind. Similar engines drive the magnetic activity of the sun, other stars and even other ...

Researchers go small to better understand atmospheric motion

Researchers at New York University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have shed new light on the nature of small-scale atmospheric motion—findings that could lead to lengthening the accuracy of weather predictions.