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Artificial light is a deadly siren song for young fish

New research finds that artificial light at night (ALAN) attracts larval fish away from naturally lit habitats while dramatically lowering their chances of survival in an "ecological trap," with serious consequences for fish ...

NOAA researchers discover new fish species

Dr. Katherine Bemis of NOAA Fisheries' National Systematics Laboratory and her collaborators recently described a new fish species: Emmelichthys papillatus, or the papillated redbait. Its discovery was published in the journal ...

The carbon footprint of a pet fish calculated

Keeping tropical fish as pets could contribute up to 12.4% of the UK's annual average household CO2 emissions and up to 30% of the UK annual average household water usage, a new study finds.

New use for AI: Correctly estimating fish stocks

For the first time, a newly published artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is allowing researchers to quickly and accurately estimate coastal fish stocks without ever entering the water. This breakthrough could save millions ...

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