Northern bees at risk from insecticide

James Cook University scientists say a common tropical bee species is vulnerable to widely-used insecticides—which will decrease their heat tolerance at the same time as the climate is warming.

Modeling climate extremes to show effect on atmospheric carbon

Researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Northeastern University modeled how extreme conditions in a changing climate affect the land's ability to absorb atmospheric carbon—a key process for mitigating human-caused ...

How climate change boosts hurricanes

Scientists are sounding the alarm on human-caused climate change's impact on hurricanes such as Idalia, which rapidly intensified over a warm Gulf of Mexico before making landfall in Florida on Wednesday.

Turgor pressure limits red cedar growth in tropical forests

Tropical forests are experiencing increasing vapor pressure deficits (D), with possible negative effects on tree growth. However, the mechanisms by which climatic variability drives tree growth are poorly understood. The ...

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