German govt loses key climate court case

The German government on Thursday lost a key climate case brought by environmental groups, in an embarrassing slap down the day before Chancellor Olaf Scholz was due to travel to the COP28 climate summit.

Sustainable mobility planning supported by doughnut model

A new scientific article, carried out in collaboration between Finnish and international researchers, shows how the doughnut model, which examines the overall sustainability of societies, can be applied to transport.

COVID-19 shutdown highlights air quality policy challenges

In a study conducted in NYC during the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers found that air quality policies focusing on reducing pollutant emissions from the transportation sector have made significant strides. However, the study ...

Germany likely missed climate target again, activists angry

Data published Wednesday by a respected environmental think tank indicates Germany likely missed its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions again last year, despite a big effort by the new government to expand the renewable ...

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