Economists warn of side effects of raising the retirement age

Leaving paid work opens the door to potentially the best stage of life, and a new study published in The Economic Journal confirms the health and well-being benefits that can stem from retirement via an individual's increased ...

Extracting intersectional stereotypes from English text

Mining huge datasets of English reveals stereotypes about gender, race, and class prevalent in English-speaking societies. Tessa Charlesworth and colleagues developed a stepwise procedure, Flexible Intersectional Stereotype ...

Social dynamics of family dogs: A peek behind hierarchies

Researchers at the Family Dog Project of Eötvös Loránd University have designed a tool to investigate the social dynamics of cohabiting family dogs. Their results are published in Animal Cognition.

Hiring 'problem directors' can knock up to 64% off a firm's value

Companies that appoint directors with a track record of questionable professional conduct cause an increase in reckless corporate risk-taking and could see up to 64 percent of a firm's value knocked off, a new study has found.

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