Contaminated soils determine root characteristics

Tree roots have multiple essential functions for their growth and survival. Acquiring nutrients and water from the soil, storing food and anchoring the plant in a substratum are what keep plants alive. In addition, root traits ...

Alpine ginger Roscoea tibetica comprises two species

The alpine ginger Roscoea tibetica Batalin is the most widespread and extensively phenotypic-variable herbaceous species in Roscoea in the Hengduan Mountains. Diverse phenotypic variations in one population and similar habitat ...

How life on Earth has evolved underground

Hidden beneath Australia's surface, aquatic ecosystems that have survived in complete isolation for millions of years shed light on the evolution of living and extinct species.

Present-day dogs defy the domestication syndrome

Across a wide range of domesticated animals the same morphological, physiological and behavioural traits appear to change together in a non-random way. For instance, many domesticated animals have white patterns in their ...

How companies are taking advantage of selfie culture

Who would have thought that millennials' polished selfies at the beach or #nofilter photos of themselves would influence how companies are marketing their products on various social media platforms?

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