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AI can help forecast toxic 'blue-green tides'

A team of Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists plan to use artificial intelligence modeling to forecast, and better understand, a growing threat to water caused by toxic algal blooms. Fueled by climate change and rising ...

Researchers find 'forever chemicals' in English otters

New research by Cardiff University's Otter Project has found that PFAS, also known as "forever chemicals," present in English otters, raising concerns about potential health impacts in the future.

Illegal gold mining eats into Peruvian Amazon

On the banks of the Madre de Dios river, dredges work day and night in search of gold, part of a scourge of illegal mining that is slowly devouring the Peruvian Amazon.

Will the climate transition be a battle of materials?

As things stand today, global demand for cobalt and lithium for e-car batteries will increase almost 20-fold by 2050. By then, the development of a fossil-free power supply will require a lot of copper, aluminum and iron, ...

Tracking down toxic metals from tobacco smoke

Cigarette smoke has been studied for years, revealing a multitude of contaminants, including toxic metals. But exactly which of those metals can be traced to secondhand or thirdhand smoke?