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Cane toads 'wiping out' mini crocodiles Down Under

Australia's noxious cane toad is wiping out populations of a unique miniature crocodile, researchers warned Wednesday, with fears the warty, toxic creature could extinguish the rare reptile.

Inflatable toad gives small guys the slip

The female cane toad can pump herself up to mega-size to throw off smaller males striving to mate with her, Australian biologists reported on Wednesday.

'Beetlejuice'—it works for real beetles too

In Tim Burton's classic comedy "Beetlejuice", the toxic title character can escape from his inferno only if someone pronounces his name three times in a row.

Endangered quolls taught to turn their noses up at toxic toad

Ecologists in Australia have successfully trained a critically endangered marsupial - the northern quoll - to turn its nose up at toxic cane toads. Their results, including fascinating behavioural video footage, are published ...

Three new amphibian treasures found on search for 'lost' frogs

A team of scientists on a quest to rediscover several "lost" amphibians in western Colombia has returned with a surprising result: three species of frogs believed to be entirely new to science, Conservation International ...

Training wild goannas not to eat cane toads

Within minutes of starting her fascinating science presentation in Broome, Ecologist Georgia Ward-Fear transported her audience to a remote floodplain of the Forrest River in the East Kimberley.

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