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Cane toads make long-distance calls for love

James Cook University scientists have discovered yet another advantage for cane toads - the ability to make mating calls that carry over a relatively long distance.

Genes could get the jump on cane toads

James Cook University scientists have been using the spread of cane toads to examine genetic mechanisms that limit their range.

Training wild goannas not to eat cane toads

Within minutes of starting her fascinating science presentation in Broome, Ecologist Georgia Ward-Fear transported her audience to a remote floodplain of the Forrest River in the East Kimberley.

What hibernating toads tell us about climate

The ability to predict when toads come out of hibernation in southern Canada could provide valuable insights into the future effects of climate change on a range of animals and plants.

Australian furry friend gets 'toad-smart' to survive

Scientists are training an endangered furry marsupial—Australia's beloved quoll—to avoid eating toxic toads that have devastated predator populations in a novel attempt to save native fauna.

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