Three-dimensionally oriented orbital angular momentum of light

Recently, National Science Review published online the research results on three-dimensionally oriented orbital angular momentum of light from Professor Qiwen Zhan's team at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

Largest virtual universe free for anyone to explore

Forget about online games that promise you a "whole world" to explore. An international team of researchers has generated an entire virtual universe, and made it freely available on the cloud to everyone.

Creating a next-generation photonic-electronic integration circuit

Global internet is growing at a compound rate of 24% per year, reaching 3.3 zettabytes per year by 2021. High-speed optical communication is urgently needed in this ever-connected world, and to keep up with this growth, developments ...

Attosecond interferometry in time-energy domain

The space-momentum domain interferometer is a key technique in modern precision measurements, and has been widely used for applications that require superb spatial resolution in engineering metrology and astronomy. Extending ...

Tuning terahertz transmission

The ability to manipulate light on a subwavelength-scale could lead to a revolution in photonic devices such as antennas, solar panels, and even cloaking devices. Nanotechnology advances have made this possible through the ...

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