Deposit insurance and depositor behavior: Evidence from Colombia

One of the feats that earned Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig the 2022 Nobel Prize in Economics (joint with Ben Bernanke) is a model of bank runs and related financial crises. In an article published in 1983, they noted ...

Optical demonstration of quantum fault-tolerant threshold

Dealing with experimental errors, which could occur in every step of quantum circuits, is of great importance, especially in the implementation of quantum computation. Generally speaking, quantum error correction requires ...

Black holes raze thousands of stars to fuel growth

In some of the most crowded parts of the universe, black holes may be tearing apart thousands of stars and using their remains to pack on weight. This discovery, made with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, could help answer ...

A zigzag blueprint for topological electronics

A collaborative study led by the University of Wollongong confirms switching mechanism for a new, proposed generation of ultra-low energy topological electronics.

Ending prices with ".99" can backfire on sellers

Setting a price just below a round number ($39.99 instead of $40) may lead consumers into thinking a product is less expensive than it really is—but it can sometimes backfire on sellers, a new study shows.

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