Protecting coral reefs more effectively from climate change

Thermally tolerant corals have different mechanisms for responding to heat stress. This is the conclusion of a current study by an international team of researchers including the Konstanz biologist Professor Christian Voolstra ...

Reef fish futures foretold

An international group of scientists is predicting markedly different outcomes for different species of coral reef fishes under climate change—and have made substantial progress on picking the 'winners and losers'.

OSIRIS-REx mission explains Bennu's mysterious particle events

Shortly after NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrived at asteroid Bennu, an unexpected discovery by the mission's science team revealed that the asteroid could be active, or consistently discharging particles into space. The ...

Coral die-off predicted as marine heat wave engulfs Hawaii

At the edge of an ancient lava flow where jagged black rocks meet the Pacific, small off-the-grid homes overlook the calm blue waters of Papa Bay on Hawaii's Big Island—no tourists or hotels in sight. Here, one of the islands' ...

A faster, more accurate way to monitor drought

More than 2 billion people worldwide are affected by water shortages, wildfires, crop losses, forest diebacks or other environmental or economic woes brought on by drought.

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