Best for batteries: Not too hot, not too cold

( -- Thermal management is crucial in the development of new car batteries; NREL's Large-Volume Calorimeter helps prepare for a surge in electric vehicles.

In winter's chill, cold batteries mean trouble for plug-in cars

Nobody worried about cold-weather performance of electric vehicle battery packs when it was warm outside, but now that Old Man Winter has descended, the problem is beginning to surface. When cars have a range of no more ...

Computation helps predict heat transfer in diamond

( -- Cornell researcher Derek Stewart and collaborators have calculated the exact mechanism by which diamond conducts heat, a breakthrough that could lend insight into many fields, including electronics.

Scientists Track Heat in Tiny Rolls of Carbon Atoms

( -- IBM Research scientists today announced a landmark study in the field of nanoelectronics; the development and demonstration of novel techniques to measure the distribution of energy and heat in powered carbon ...

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