Japan to pilot digital textbooks in classrooms

Japan will soon start trialling electronic textbooks in primary schools, enhancing the role of IT in the classroom for a generation of "digital natives" born in the wired age.

Are digital textbooks the money-saving wave of the future?

An old adage states, "As California goes, so goes the nation." If that's true, then advocates of textbook reform -- and college students bearing the brunt of spiraling textbook prices -- have to be excited by California ...

California schoolbooks going digital

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced plans to phase out school textbooks in favor of digital learning aids as the state looks to plug its massive budget hole.

College e-textbooks go to class in iPhones

US and Canadian college students can pack textbooks into their pockets instead of spine-bending backpacks courtesy of an iPhone application released by CourseSmart.

Science setback for Texas schools

After three all-day meetings and a blizzard of amendments and counter-amendments, the Texas Board of Education cast its final vote Friday on state science standards. The results weren't pretty.

Color Kindle 'multiple' years away: Amazon CEO

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos said Thursday that the online retail giant may never reveal sales figures for the Kindle and a color version of the electronic reader is "multiple" years away.

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