Massive modern catacombs set to open in Jerusalem

Workers are completing three years of labor on a massive subterranean necropolis under a mountain just outside Jerusalem. It's comprised of one mile, or about 1.5 kilometers, of tunnels with sepulchers for interring the dead.

Tel Aviv takes a ride to scooter 'paradise'

Matan Ben Ari was among the many taking to one of Tel Aviv's main streets on a recent day—not with a car or public transport, but with an electric scooter.

After years-long wait, Israelis board new fast train

Israelis climbed aboard the country's new high-speed train on Tuesday as it partially opened to whisk passengers from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion airport, a massive project years in the making.

Israel bourse bullish on blockchain, cagey on crypto

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) is bullish about the potential for blockchain technology but sees involvement in cryptocurrency trading as far away, its chief executive said on Monday.

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