What lies beneath: Volcanic secrets revealed

Lava samples have revealed a new truth about the geological makeup of the Earth's crust and could have implications for volcanic eruption early warning systems, a University of Queensland-led study has found.

The seismic zone worrying quake-hit Mexico

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake that struck southern Mexico this week originated near a section of a fault that experts worry has been building up tension for more than a century.

Major Mexico earthquake causes damage, one death

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake that struck near Mexico's Pacific resort city of Acapulco left at least one person dead and damaged hospitals, homes, shops and hotels, authorities said Wednesday.

New dragon-like lizard species discovered in the Tropical Andes

The Huallaga River in the Andes of central Peru extends for 1,138 km, making it the largest tributary of the Marañón River, the spinal cord of the Amazon River. This basin harbors a great variety of ecosystems, including ...

Nature recycles trash to create diamonds

The Earth's deepest diamonds are commonly made up of former living organisms that have effectively been recycled more than 400 kilometers below the surface, new Curtin research has discovered.

EXPLAINER: Why Haiti is prone to devastating earthquakes

Earthquakes have been wreaking havoc in Haiti since at least the 18th century, when the city of Port-au-Prince was destroyed twice in 19 years. Saturday's powerful quake killed hundreds and injured thousands more. Eleven ...

Slow slips offer insights into earthquakes

Significant earthquakes, from gentle shaking to devastating tremors, are hazards caused by a sudden release of stress that has built up in geological faults. More subtle events called slow slips are attracting increasing ...

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