New approach needed to save Australia's non-perennial rivers

Non-perennial rivers, which stop flowing at some point each year, dominate surface water movement across Australia, yet monitoring the continued health of these vital waterways demands a new type of research attention.

Unlocking membrane-based He/H₂ separation with AI

Technological advancement and data proliferation have deemed artificial intelligence (AI)-driven innovation as a growth opportunity for the development of breakthrough materials for special applications, especially in the ...

Exploring China's water usage trends and sustainability

Against the backdrop of growing global concern over water scarcity, China, has been grappling with the complexities of water dynamics and their impact on economic growth and environmental protection. A study published in ...

Is it ethical to watch AI pornography?

If you're in your 20s and 30s, you probably watch pornography. Millennials and gen Z are watching more pornography than any other age group and are also more likely than any other demographic to experiment with AI pornography.

Exploring the landscape of shadow education

The diverse forms of private tutoring range from one-to-one sessions to large lecture halls with video screens. Parents and students seek this supplement to gain a competitive edge in countries where academic achievement ...

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