Europe's upgraded Vega space launcher makes inaugural flight

The European Space Agency on Wednesday celebrated the first flight of its Vega-C rocket, which is designed to provide more bang for customers' buck in the increasingly competitive business of launching satellites into orbit.

Super scintillators enable X-ray detection at an ultralow level

The introduction of lead-free metal halide powder into a scintillation screen took some tinkering. Once a KAUST team worked out the right technique, they were able to produce an exceptionally efficient, robust and flexible ...

Russia's Nauka science module docks with ISS

Russia said it successfully docked the Nauka laboratory module with the International Space Station on Thursday—though the troubled unit caused yet another fright after accidentally firing and briefly throwing the entire ...

Batteries mimic mammal bones for stability

Sodium-ion batteries are poised to replace lithium-ion batteries for large-scale electrical energy storage. They offer several advantages over lithium-ion batteries, particularly due to the widespread abundance of sodium.

Russian humanoid robot boards space station after delay

It was second time lucky on Tuesday as an unmanned spacecraft carrying Russia's first humanoid robot docked at the International Space Station following a failed attempt over the weekend.

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