Expert discusses definition and effects of populism

John Abromeit, associate professor of history and social studies education, is an intellectual historian; he studies the history of ideas. One such idea is populism, a widely used term that is hard to define.

The hidden agenda of Obama's opposition

Is the US Tea Party movement a racial backlash against President Obama? A new study by Angie Maxwell from the University of Arkansas, and Wayne Parent from Louisiana State University, assesses whether racial attitudes are ...

The tea party and the politics of paranoia

Members of tea party claim the movement springs from and promotes basic American conservative principles such as limited government and fiscal responsibility.

US climate fears mount, but political action wanes

Climate change was thrust to the forefront of the US political agenda recently in the wake of the devastation caused by superstorm Sandy and record high temperatures across the country.

3Qs: Candidates spar in aggressive VP debate: Experts evaluate

Three Northeastern University fac­ulty mem­bers with exper­tise in dif­ferent fields of study—polit­ical analysis, public speaking and pres­i­den­tial debates— assess last night's debate between Vice Pres­i­dent ...

Dollars and sense: Why are some people morally against tax?

As the U.S. presidential election campaigns heat up, the economic debate is dominated by bailouts, austerity and, inevitably, taxation. Now a new study published in Symbolic Interaction asks why tax is such an important issue ...

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