New data confirms swift parrot population fears

A new evaluation from The Australian National University (ANU) of the number of swift parrots left in the wild has confirmed their population size is likely only a few hundred and declining rapidly.

Alaska-Australia flight could place bird in record books

A young bar-tailed godwit appears to have set a non-stop distance record for migratory birds by flying at least 13,560 kilometers (8,435 miles) from Alaska to the Australian state of Tasmania, a bird expert said Friday.

A lizard that can switch from female to male before birth

A team of researchers at the University of Tasmania working with a colleague from the University of Canberra has found that a species of lizard can switch from female to male prior to birth. In their paper published in Proceedings ...

Tasmania goes net carbon negative by reducing logging

Tasmania has become one of the first jurisdictions in the world to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and increase removals to become net carbon negative, according to new research from The Australian National University ...

Australian rescuers save 25 of 270 stranded whales so far

Around one third of an estimated 270 pilot whales that became stranded on Australia's island state of Tasmania have died, with rescuers managing to return 25 to the sea in an ongoing operation, officials said Tuesday.

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