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A 3,400-year-old city emerges from the Tigris River

A team of German and Kurdish archaeologists have uncovered a 3,400-year-old Mittani Empire-era city once located on the Tigris River. The settlement emerged from the waters of the Mosul reservoir early this year as water ...

A motif perched within the Gilgameš Epic

Birds call forth a myriad of meanings in the Gilgameš Epic. Winged creatures convey abundance and revelry, enhance the narrative's soundscape, and foretell events in the story. In the article "Soundscapes, Portentous Calls, ...

Looted Gilgamesh tablet returns to Iraq in formal ceremony

A small clay tablet dating back 3,500 years and bearing a portion of the Epic of Gilgamesh that was looted from an Iraqi museum 30 years ago and recently recovered from the United States formally returned to Iraq on Tuesday.

This hydrogel tablet can purify a liter of river water in an hour

As much as a third of the world's population does not have access to clean drinking water, according to some estimates, and half of the population could live in water-stressed areas by 2025. Finding a solution to this problem ...

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