Declining bat populations are a cause for human concern

Fewer bats will be flapping through the evening skies in the coming months. It's the time of year where some species go into hibernation, cozying up in narrow rock crevices or caves to overwinter.

'Non-essential' building block proves vital to a healthy protein diet

A "non-essential" amino acid—so-called because the body can make it from other nutrients—can act as a nutritional cue to guide the body's responses to a low-protein diet, a RIKEN-led team has found in a study on fruit ...

Researchers identify key player in cellular response to stress

An enzyme called Fic, whose biochemical role was discovered at UT Southwestern more than a dozen years ago, appears to play a crucial part in guiding the cellular response to stress, a new study suggests. The findings, published ...

Oldest case of a rare genetic condition discovered

A group of international researchers has uncovered evidence of a super rare genetic condition that gives men an extra X chromosome, reporting the oldest clinical case of Klinefelter syndrome to date.

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