The hidden data in your fingerprints

Fingerprints have provided key evidence in countless cases of serious crime. But there are still some situations in which it can be difficult or impossible to recover fingerprints and this can cause a headache for forensic ...

US police lineups are better at catching criminals than UK ones

Ted Bundy was suspected of a string of kidnappings, rapes, and murders in the US. Police placed him in a lineup to see if an eyewitness to kidnappings in the Lake Sammamish area near Seattle would identify him. She did not ...

Indonesia seizes hundreds of frozen pangolins

Indonesian authorities have seized more than 650 critically endangered pangolins found hidden in freezers and arrested a man for allegedly breaking wildlife protection laws, police said on Friday.

Overwhelming evidence? It's probably a bad thing

The old adage that says "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" has finally been put to the test – mathematically – in research led by the University of Adelaide.

Why too much evidence can be a bad thing

(—Under ancient Jewish law, if a suspect on trial was unanimously found guilty by all judges, then the suspect was acquitted. This reasoning sounds counterintuitive, but the legislators of the time had noticed ...

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