How an earthquake becomes a tsunami

The movement between continental and oceanic plates at the bottom of the sea, so-called megathrust earthquakes, generates the strongest tremors and the most dangerous tsunamis. How and when they occur, however, has been poorly ...

Three Chinese astronauts return safely to Earth

Three Chinese astronauts working at the country's space station have returned safely to Earth, state media reported Sunday, hailing the mission as a "complete success".

Developing a 3D liquefaction hazard map

Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology has successfully developed a "three-dimensional liquefaction hazard map" that visually presents ground liquefaction forecasts in the event of an earthquake.

Satellites reveal hotspots of global river extent change

Rivers are one of the most dynamic components of the water cycle on Earth's surface and play a significant role in the development of human societies, ecosystem sustainability, and regional climate. However, their natural ...

Researchers use tiny diamonds to create intracellular sensors

Researchers have developed a new way to study the intricate dynamics within living cells by using optically trapped nanodiamond particles as intracellular sensors. Using custom built optical tweezers, the research team trapped ...

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