When a supplier becomes a competitor

The offshoring drive in manufacturing has led to lower costs and access to new markets, but it also creates a new problem for big companies if they end up competing with their suppliers.

Unlocking innovation in the supply chain

Jinchen Hou from the Institute for Manufacturing comments on how members of complex supply chains can form alliances, in order to unlock the innovation that's often hiding within individual companies.

Robots in sewers will save society millions

In the future the country's sewer systems will be inhabited by surveillance robots. Using robots, big data and artificial intelligence (AI), a new Danish research project will save hundreds of millions of kroner on maintaining ...

Record 12 pct drop for PC sales in 2009: Gartner

Sales of personal computers are expected to decline by 11.9 percent to 257 million units in 2009, the steepest drop in the industry's history, market research firm Gartner said Monday.

New research may help to reduce global supply chain disruptions

(PhysOrg.com) -- With consumer spending dwindling over the past couple months, retailers are hoping to see it increase with the holiday shopping season. In order to seize the opportunity and boost sales, retailers need to ...

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