The hidden cost of buying fresh vegetables all year round

Shortages of lettuces, courgettes, broccoli and other unseasonal vegetables due to bad weather in the Murcia and Andalucia regions of Spain have caused a predictable number of column inches about the UK's reliance on imported ...

Unlocking innovation in the supply chain

Jinchen Hou from the Institute for Manufacturing comments on how members of complex supply chains can form alliances, in order to unlock the innovation that's often hiding within individual companies.

When a supplier becomes a competitor

The offshoring drive in manufacturing has led to lower costs and access to new markets, but it also creates a new problem for big companies if they end up competing with their suppliers.

U.S. auto supply chain at a crossroads: study

A troubled but enduring automotive supply chain in the United States can become stronger if a more collaborative strategy can gain wider acceptance, a research team at Case Western Reserve University has determined.

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