Gravel-camouflaged nests give threatened shorebirds a boost

When it comes to reproduction, not every individual equally pulls his or her weight. Dana Herman and Mark Colwell of Humboldt State University spent 13 years tracking the successes and failures of almost 200 individual Snowy ...

Woylie woes continue despite reproductive success

Despite recent recovery efforts and substantial reproductive potential in the south west brush-tailed bettong (Bettongia penicillata) numbers continue to decline in the wild due to predators and parasites.

Birds show surprising resilience in the face of natural stresses

Life as a wild baby bird can involve a lot of stress; competing with your siblings, dealing with extreme weather, and going hungry due to habitat loss are just a few examples. However, birds have an amazing capacity to overcome ...

The humorous path to academic success

Academics and universities are in a race: to produce high impact publications, to gain citations, bring in grant income and climb university rankings. In this rat race, perhaps the true path to academic success gets lost.

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