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New Mexico and Arizona facing a dangerously early fire season

New Mexico and Arizona are facing a dangerously early fire season. It has left neighborhoods in ashes and is having such devastating effects that the governor of New Mexico on May 3, 2022, urged President Joe Biden to issue ...

More evacuations expected near dangerous Southwest wildfires

Thousands of firefighters battled destructive wildfires in the Southwest as more residents prepared to evacuate Friday into the weekend in northern New Mexico where strong winds and dangerously dry conditions have made the ...

'Rare' springtime blizzard wallops parts of Canada

A springtime blizzard walloped Canada's western Prairies region and parts of Ontario province this week, closing roads, airports and schools, and leaving a dump of snow to shovel.

Forest survival strategies for extreme cyclones

Trees in forests are prone to damage from strong winds. Despite extreme weather events becoming more prevalent, scientists have not yet fully understood why some trees are damaged and other trees survive. A team of researchers ...

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