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Seeking humanity's roots

Who were our earliest ancestors? How and when did they evolve into modern humans? And how do we define "human," anyway? Was it when some long-ago ancestor stood and walked; grew a brain of a certain size; or figured out how ...

The 2 million year melee—neanderthals vs. humans

"Forget this image," says Dimitra Papagianni, pointing at the depiction of human evolution projected behind her: an ape crouched on all fours, followed by the early hominids carrying rock tools and spears, walking ultimately ...

The Hobbit gets a little older, and science a little wiser

When a skeleton of the so-called 'Hobbit' - scientific name Homo floresiensis - was unearthed in Indonesia in 2003 it would go on to cause a major furor in anthropological circles like few others before it.

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