Why archaeologists usually rebury their excavations

Hadrian's Wall in Northern England is a popular tourist spot for those interested in British history. Visitors this year will get the chance to see the Roman bathhouse at Birdoswald before it is reburied by archaeologists.

Secret ingredient in durable Maya plaster discovered

A team of mineralogists and geologists at the University of Granada has discovered the secret behind the durability of ancient Maya plaster. In their study, reported in Science Advances, the group studied samples of the ancient ...

Climate change threatens Hadrian's Wall treasures in England

Nineteen hundred years after it was built to keep out barbarian hordes, archaeologists at Hadrian's Wall in northern England are facing a new enemy—climate change, which threatens its vast treasure trove of Roman artefacts.

Calcium: Good for bones, good for cultural conservation

When it comes to cultural heritage sites, there are few things historians wouldn't do to preserve them for future generations. In particular, stone buildings and sculptures made of plaster and marble are increasingly at risk ...

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