Why Storm Ciarán's winds were so strong

Storm Ciarán made landfall in southern regions of the UK during the evening of November 1, 2023. The UK's Met Office issued amber weather warnings for November 2 in specific areas in the south of the UK, cautioning about ...

Why group A streptococci affect some people more severely

Group A streptococci are fairly common bacteria that can cause, among other things, strep throat or impetigo. However, if the bacteria become invasive, the situation can become very dangerous. In this case, the name sometimes ...

Research reveals ants inflict pain with neurotoxins

University of Queensland researchers have shown for the first time that some of the world's most painful ant stings target nerves, like snake and scorpion venom. This research is published in Nature Communications.

Male wasps use genitalia to sting their predators

Female bees and wasps use modified ovipositors, formerly used in egg laying, to sting their attackers, including people. Now, a study in Current Biology on December 19 shows that male mason wasps use sharp genital spines ...

How a key immune protein is regulated in the cell

Scientists at EPFL have determined how a protein that is critical in our first line of immune defense is regulated in the cell to prevent autoinflammatory diseases.

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