Study finds high-pressure expectations lead to unethical behavior

It can happen in the branch office or the boardroom. Volkswagen did it to pass emissions tests. Wells-Fargo did it to squeeze more profits from their customers. Some school districts have it done it to boost their standardized ...

Teacher racial bias matters more for students of color

English and math teachers underestimate the academic abilities of students of color, which in turn has an impact on students' grades and academic expectations, finds a new study by NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, ...

Texas votes to change science lessons challenging evolution

The Texas Board of Education has preliminarily voted to ease—but not completely eliminate—state high school science curriculum requirements that experts argued cast doubt on the theory of evolution.

Final rules for K-12 standardized testing released

Aiming to reduce test-taking in America's classrooms, the Obama administration released final rules Wednesday to help states and school districts take a new approach to the standardized tests students must take each year.

Subsidized housing works better for some kids than others

Living in subsidized housing seems to give a boost to children with high standardized test scores and few behavior problems, but it has the opposite effect on students who score poorly and have behavioral issues, a new study ...

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