New Zealand fights to save its flightless national bird

New Zealand's treasured kiwi birds are shuffling around Wellington's verdant hills for the first time in a century, after a drive to eliminate invasive predators from the capital's surrounds.

How groups best work together

When a group works on a task in harmony, and in a perfectly coordinated and seemingly effortless way, as if in flow, this optimal state is known as group flow. Group flow is not only apparent in team sports; it can be observed ...

Research reveals why women don't coach

La Trobe University research has revealed the barriers for women entering and progressing in elite and grass roots sports coaching roles. Drawing from existing research, media and government reports, the findings have been ...

Getting to know local cops could reduce crime rates

Providing residents with information about their neighborhood police officers may reduce crime rates, suggests a Nature paper. The combined results from laboratory and field studies suggest that our sense of anonymity depends ...

Women who love sports don't necessarily attend more games

Even American women who identify as quite passionate sports fans don't watch athletic events much more frequently than women who say they aren't as interested in sports, a new national study finds.

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