New approach on the use of big data in clinical decision support

A new computational approach that allows the identification of molecular alterations associated with prognosis and resistance to therapy of different types of cancer was developed by the research group led by Nuno Barbosa ...

'Paternal' and 'maternal' DNA in fungi active at different times

Many types of mushroom have two different nuclei in their cells, one from the 'father' and another from the 'mother." Researchers at the universities of Delft, Utrecht and Wageningen have discovered that the genes from the ...

New CRISPR-Cas9 tool edits both RNA and DNA precisely

A tool that has already revolutionized disease research may soon get even better, thanks to an accidental discovery in the bacteria that cause many of the worst cases of meningitis.

The spliceosome—now available in high definition

UCLA researchers have solved the high-resolution structure of a massive cellular machine, the spliceosome, filling the last major gap in our understanding of the RNA splicing process that was previously unclear.

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