Confirmed new fungus has mysterious origins

CABI has confirmed a new species of fungus after the BBC Springwatch show called on Dr. Harry Evans' expertise when the mysterious specimen was first discovered in a Victorian gunpowder store at Castle Espie wetland center ...

Tropical spider can hide underwater for 30 minutes

A tropical spider species uses a "film" of air to hide underwater from predators for as long as 30 minutes, according to faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York.

Number of spider species creeps up to 50,000

There are now 50,000 known different species of spider crawling the Earth, the World Spider Catalog announced Wednesday—and there might be another 50,000 out there.

New study shows spiders use webs to hear

Everyone knows that humans and most other vertebrate species hear using eardrums that turn soundwave pressure into signals for our brains. But what about smaller animals like insects and arthropods? Can they detect sounds? ...

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