Virgin Galactic rolls out new space tourism rocket plane (Update)

Virgin Galactic rolled out a new version of its SpaceShipTwo space tourism rocket Friday as it prepares to return to flight testing for the first time since a 2014 accident destroyed the original craft, killing a pilot and ...

More revealed about Siebold's escape from SpaceShipTwo

Yes, there was a thumbs up. Through an interview with the father of the SpaceShipTwo pilot, the Daily Mail has reported more details of the near fatal plunge of Peter Siebold from the explosive event that destroyed Scaled ...

Pilot's survival hailed as miracle, but not unique

As the doomed flight rocketed past the speed of sound some 8 miles (13 kilometers) high and then shattered seconds later, the odds of survival were slim. Remarkably, as sections of the cockpit, fuselage, a wing and motor ...

Branson pushes on with spaceship plan despite crash

Space tourism venture Virgin Galactic on Tuesday said it was pressing ahead with plans to build a second model of the SpaceShipTwo which crashed in the Mojave Desert last week.

NTSB reveals spaceship crash timeline, fingers lever

Investigators gave a precise timeline late Monday of the devastating Virgin Galactic spaceship crash, detailing exactly when a slowing mechanism was wrongly deployed, but said they could not determine who activated it.

Many questions still unanswered in spaceship crash

Federal accident investigators have an early sense of what went wrong before an experimental spaceship designed to carry tourists beyond the Earth's atmosphere broke apart during a test flight. But they still don't know why ...

A look at Virgin Galactic's feathering technology

The Virgin Galactic spaceship destroyed when it broke apart high over the Mojave Desert was designed to take tourists on a fleeting thrill ride through the lower reaches of space.

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