Nukes in space: A bad idea in the 1960s, an even worse one now

The US and Japan are sponsoring a resolution for debate by the United Nations security council which—if passed—will reaffirm international commitments to the 1967 outer space treaty (OST) forbidding the deployment and ...

S. Korea says second spy satellite placed in orbit

South Korea put its second domestically made spy satellite into orbit, Seoul's defense ministry said Monday, after it launched from an American space center on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

ESA to launch Arctic weather satellite in June

The European Space Agency said Thursday it will launch a satellite in June which will improve weather forecasting in the Arctic—a region highly exposed to the effects of global warming.

Watch a real-time map of Starlink satellites orbiting Earth

In an effort to enhance the educational outreach of Starlink constellation, an interactive global map of SpaceX Starlink internet satellites provides live coverage of every satellite in orbit around the Earth.

Satellite catches coastal flooding during California storms

A series of atmospheric rivers drenched California in February, with record amounts of rainfall and hurricane-force winds sweeping across parts of the state. At one point, weather agencies posted flood watches for nearly ...

Heritage ERS-2 satellite returns to Earth

Launched in 1995, ERS-2 was a pioneering Earth observation satellite that greatly influenced our understanding of our planet and climate change. Despite an intended operational life of only three years, the satellite had ...

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