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As temperatures rise, Sicily turns to exotic fruits

Avocados, mangos, bananas and passion fruit—a wealth of exotic produce is growing under the shadow of Sicily's Mount Etna, as the Italian island's farmers adapt to global warming.

Scientists study how a diabetes drug affects soils

The transport of pharmaceuticals released from sewage treatment plants into farmland soils, with the potential to load into drinking water sources, is one that researchers at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) ...

Second species of ramp, or wild leek, documented in Pennsylvania

The presence of a second species of ramp, Allium burdickii—commonly known as narrow-leaved wild leek—has been documented in southwest Pennsylvania by a team of Penn State researchers in a new study. This plant species ...

Study uses pine slash to improve soil

Pine slash—a major problem after recent flooding events—could be chipped and used to rehabilitate soil, new research from the University of Canterbury and ESR suggests.

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