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How comb jellies adapted to life in the deep sea

Washed up on a beach, a comb jelly or ctenophore (pronounced "teen-oh-four") might look like a little transparent grape. But ctenophores are extremely diverse, living from the equator to the poles and from the ocean surface ...

A look inside neural networks

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already firmly embedded in our everyday lives and is conquering more and more territory. For example, voice assistants are already an everyday item in many people's smartphones, cars and homes. ...

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Computer software

Computer software, or just software is a general term used to describe the role that computer programs, procedures and documentation play in a computer system.

The term includes:

Software includes things such as websites, programs or video games, that are coded by programming languages like C or C++.

"Software" is sometimes used in a broader context to mean anything which is not hardware but which is used with hardware, such as film, tapes and records.

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